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With our regular and deep cleaning services we provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home or office are transformed into a spotless place.


Transforming homes into immaculate havens with meticulous attention to detail and personalized care.


Elevating the cleanliness of your business environment for a professional and inviting atmosphere.


Clearing away debris and dust, leaving construction sites spotless and ready for the next phase.

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Standard Cleaning
$$$ $119
All of the cleaners at Cleanaholics
are liability insured
Mirror/Glass Cleaning
Surface Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
$$$ $249
All of the cleaners at Cleanaholics
are liability insured
Everything from Standard
Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Appliance Cleaning
Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaning
$$$ $499
All of the cleaners at Cleanaholics
are liability insured
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How often should I have my home cleaned?

Cleanaholics offers regular housecleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Our most popular visit is every two weeks, but we will schedule according to your needs.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

We accept Cash, Check or Online ACH Transfer

Do you guarantee your work?

At Cleanaholics, we are committed to your satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our work and will address any concerns promptly. If you are not completely happy with our cleaning services, we will make it right.

How does the process work?

Contact us to setup a time to have your property cleaned!

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